smart money says sharpening blades, saws and bits is smart biz

Sayville Plumbing Supply

Sharpening Service

Sharpen Dull

Drill Bits, Hole Saws and Blades

Save Money, Extend Use

Bring Your Dull Bits, Blades and Saws to the Store, we take it from there. Quick, Fast Turnaround. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

drill bit sharpening service

Sayville Plumbing Supply - Sharpening Service

Check out the Hole Saw to Your Left, the TEETH where GONE!

We Cut In New Teeth and Sharpened Just HALF of IT

to Highlight this Great Money Saving Service

Hole Saws, Leader Bits and Saw Blades can Cost up to 180 Dollars.
They Can Be Sharpened Multiple Times Extending Life to an Expensive Tool

hole saws sharpened all sizes from half inch to 6 inches
leader bits or sef feeding bits are worth up to 100 dollars, sharpen and resuse
saw blades from 7 inch to 14 inches resharpened and save a lot of money

1/2" to 6"

Leader Bit or Self Feeding Bit

Saw Blades
7" to 14"

The Sharpening Service can sharpen a range of 25 teeth per inch to 80 teeth per inch
Sharpening Bits, Saws and Blades make good Business Sense
With Hole Saws costing up to 80 dollars, Leader Bits up to 100 dollars and Saw Blades up to 180 dollars
Our Sharpening Service is Great Value.

Call or stop by the store for more information or call and we can quote a price over the phone; 631-589-0216.

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